SISO Inc.. (Innovative Solutions for Organizational Systems) is a company specialized in arranging organizational systems dedicated, but not limited to:

  •          Quality (ISO 9001);
  •          Safety Food (ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, SQF);
  •          Environment Management (ISO 14001);
  •          Occupational  Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001, CSA Z1000 AND Z10, ...);
  •          Safety Machine (ISO 12100) and lockout (CSA Z460);
  •          Occupational  well-being (BNQ 9700-800);
  •          Emergency Reponses (CSA 731).

An organizational system is a structured management tool  (analysis of issues, determination of solutions, implementation and evaluation of a strategy) and is dedicated to a variety of purposes such as Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work,. ..

This usually consists of a core of the standard Plan, Execute, Check, Improve, with 'constellations' of other processes and systems orbiting around the core process flow.


Illustration of some standards’ constellations around the Core.


·         Development and implementation of Organisational systems;

·         Simplification of organizational systems;

·         Integration of organizational systems;

·         Interim Coordination of organizational systems;

·         Audits of organizational systems;

·         Training of internal auditors;

·         Development of training related to quality ,Environment and Occupational Health and Safety;

·         Development of objectives, targets and programs in accordance with internal policies;

·         Determination of performance indicatorsbased on the objectives and targets chosen;

·         Risk analysis in quality (non quality costing), environmental impacts and OHS’s risks...;

·         Environmental and OHS regulatory monitoring;

·         Definition and implementation of  dynamics  communication plans;


·         Management review supporting internal policies;

·         Conversion of hard copy to electronic format via Intranet or other;

·         Development of computer programs for managing organizational systems.




Simplification of a system

For many companies, the organizational systems already in place are synonymous with bureaucratic red tape. SISO helps your company to simplify its system and to improve its efficiency according to your expectations and  in accordance with your standards.

Systems Integration

Many companies have developed organizational systems without ensuring the effectiveness of their mutual interactions. In order to make these systems more efficient and reduce the workload of users, SISO allows your organization to establish a common structure ("Core") to all systems while respecting their particularities.

Redefining the system according to its internal policy

The foundation of any organizational system is the internal   Policy (e.g. Quality Policy) on which is it based.  The Company's Executive Officers will have clearly stated the internal Quality Policy, and SISO will guarantee to ensure that any changes or innovation to the existing systems will remain fully aligned with the requirements of the Board of your company.

                      A close partnership with the client;

·         Quality work;

·         Skilled resources;

·         Tailored solutions;

·         Vision/creative approach;

·         Promoting continuous improvement


SISO, through its President Patrick De Geyter, has a practical and recognized expertise in the areas of organizational management systems such as Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

The expertise of SISO covers various economic sectors
such as waste management, lab work, mining, petrochemical, engineering, energy sector, construction,

Mr. De Geyter in his execution of SISO's world class service, has delivered consultancy and coordination at national and international level in countries such as Canada, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania.

This experience has allowed him to develop a vision for both practical and creative concepts of organizational systems.

To ensure quality work in all of its mandates, SISO provides, as appropriate, partnerships with companies or experts in complementary fields.



SISO's  services are available to all companies interested in improving their current organizational system or any company wanting to develop a new one!

If your are working in any kind of goods or services enterprise, or even in a public institution, SISO will assist you to transform your system into a powerful and dynamic system!